Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers Essential Guide

19 Must know stocking stuffers for toddlers

Looking for stocking stuffers for toddlers can be a challenge. They aren’t old enough for candy and they don’t necessarily need a lot of toys. Finding a good combination of fun items and some that may be a little practical too is always a plus.
This list of essential stocking stuffers for toddlers will get you going in the right direction. You’ll be done shopping in no time.

Sesame Street Playskool Figures

These 2.5″ plastic Sesame Street Playskool Figures are the perfect size for little hands, making them the perfect stocking stuffer for toddlers. And the fact that they are beloved Sesame Street characters your child likely knows, it encourages imaginative play as they recreate their very own sense from this beloved educational TV show. 

Stacking and Nesting Cups

If you don’t already have a set of nesting cups I emphatically encourage you to get some. It never ceases to amaze me when my older children enjoy playing with these Stacking and Nesting Cups despite them being out for the baby. The cups become “castles” and “buildings” as their imaginations grow.

These are wonderful at building hand-eye coordination, are fun for the bathtub or sandbox, are dishwasher safe, and will be used for a long time.

Quiet Books or Busy Books

Whether you call them Quiet Books or Busy Books the result is all the same. These amazing little fabric books are the perfect stocking stuffer for toddlers. The fabric makes them washable and it’s not the end of the world if your toddler nibbles on the pages.

Usually, there is a zipper to close the Busy Book for easy storage. But best of all are the interactive buttons, snaps, figures, and more doodads that can keep your toddler entertained for hours. I like bringing these to church or doctors’ offices for quiet play.

Non Skid Socks

These may be practical, but your little one will simply enjoy pulling them out of her stocking and if you wrap them then they must be pretty special. Non Skid Socks are excellent stocking stuffers for toddlers. 

It seems like I can never wash or pair the socks fast enough, so the more socks the merrier. 

Hat and Gloves

Another practical one, but having an extra pair of gloves and a hat is a parenting win. If your little gets her Hat and Gloves dirty or wet it’s great to have that second pair ready to go.

Sippy Cup Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Your toddler is growing and should be off her bottle and using a sippy cup by now—especially during the day. Sippy Cups with handles are a helpful way for your little one to transition. And the newer 360 Sippy Cups are said to be better than spouted cups which are essentially bottle nipples.
This is a useful stocking stuffer for toddlers worth getting.

Leggings and Sweatpants

Particularly for girls, Leggings make a great stocking stuffer for toddlers. They are bright colors and fun patterns that fun for little ones to open. Roll them up tight to make a slim cylinder that fits right into the stocking.
Warmup Pants or Sweatpants are the perfect equivalents for boys. Try to find pants that will also roll up well.

Snack Keeper for Toddlers

Your little one is enjoying solid foods now so it’s time to carry around puffs and Cheerios in your diaper bag for emergency situations. These handy little Snack Keepers help contain the mess but allow your little to grow independence while feeding herself.

Snack Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Like I said, your little is obviously too young for candy, so you may be seeking an alternative Snack. Puffs and Teething Biscuits are a nice option. And it may help her feel equal to older siblings that are munching on stocking goodies.


Puppets and Puppet Books

Puppets, Finger Puppets, and Puppet Books are always a great gift for toddlers. The joy and amazement a child has for a moving character is fun to see. So Puppets are a definite win on the list of stocking stuffers for toddlers.

Fisher-Price Little People

I remember loving my Fisher-Price Little People as a child. When I started having my won children I wanted them to enjoy them as well. Now there are all kinds of Little People including Disney Princess Little People and other classic characters like Firemen Little People.

Stuffed Animal Stocking Stuffers

Little ones love Stuffed Animals—that’s a given. My only advice for you is if you are not the parent of the little one check with the parent if a stuffed animal would be welcomed.
In my personal experience, our first child received an obscene amount of stuffed animals. But my other two children have much less and a stuffed animal would have been great stocking stuffers for toddlers.

Touchy-Feely Books for Toddlers

Children love Touchy-Feely Books. When they play with them you can practically see the connections being created in their brains. Some of the best Touchy-Feely Books I’ve seen are the Usborne Books and More “That’s Not My…” series.

Large Crayons

Toddlers are constantly exploring the world around them. One concept they are experimenting with is action and reaction. Making marks on a piece of paper can be very gratifying and develop hand-eye coordination.

Palm Crayons are great for young toddlers while Jumbo Crayons are a good option for toddlers that are more coordinated.

Color Wonder Markers

If the idea of giving your small child crayons makes you nervous then I recommend Color Wonder Markers. These mess free invisible markers only work on the special Color Wonder Paper. I would still supervise your toddler when she plays with them so she doesn’t put them in her mouth.

Cars and Trucks

Cars and Trucks are always a loved item. My son especially loved playing with Trucks as a small toddler all the way through now.

But the most important thing to note is to choose “toddler” Cars and Trucks for 1+. Chocking on wheels from toys that are rated too old for the child is one of the top causes of accidental chocking deaths.

There are various kinds of Cars and Trucks. Look for fun features like rattles, pull-back wheels, noise, and lights.

Hair Brush

Using a big kid Brush is something your toddler is surprisingly excited about. They simply want to do everything they see you and bigger children do. Purchasing a Brush, Comb, or Brush and Comb Set are wonderful stocking stuffers for toddlers.

Musical Toy Stockings Stuffers for Toddlers

Now these stocking stuffers for toddlers are totally up to your personal discretion. If you don’t like noise then this is not for you, but if you allow your toddler to let her fun flag fly then Musical Toys are where it’s at.
Toddlers love making noise. They will do it on your pots and pans or you can get them something special to be a budding musician.

Bath Toy Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

Whether your little loves bath time and wants to play or needs a little convincing to get in the tub, Bath Toys always make the experience more fun. There are numerous wonderful options your toddler with love including, Squirt Toys, floating Bath Balls, and Waterfall Toys .

Warning, you may need to bend packaging or open and rewrap some items to make them fit in your toddlers stocking better.

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

I hope this list of stocking stuffers for toddlers helps you with your gift-giving for that important little person in your life. Please let me know if you have a great idea I may have missed and I will add it to help others.
Check out my blog if you are looking for other tips for children, and you may also enjoy the art lessons for children as well.
Enjoy the magic of Christmas!

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Stocking stuffers for toddlers essential guide
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