Ridiculously Easy Summer Kids Project With Dollar Tree Fairy Garden Houses

fairy garden houses

Summer is upon us and entertaining the kids has become priority one. The teacher in me has an entire flow of the day, but I’m always looking for fun projects that can fill my children’s afternoons. This ridiculously easy project with Dollar Tree fairy garden houses is one you’ll want to try too.

Fairy Garden Houses

We were gifted some Dollar Tree fairy garden houses in spring. My daughter fell instantly in love. We began devising village names, where we were going to put them, and what we could use as fairy garden accessories.

I can’t tell you how excited she was. She ran outside to find the perfect spot amongst our flower garden for the fairy garden houses. It was truly adorable.

But when she started adding toys and bobbles as fairy garden accessories I was a little worried about how we could reign in her enthusiasm. I didn’t want my front garden to start looking messy, so I needed a solution.

How to Setup For Your DIY Fairy House

I needed to find some kind of containers that was shallow and wide, so I went off for a HomeGoods adventure. Originally I thought I would find some kind of garden pot for our fairy garden houses, but I really didn’t see anything that would work.

Then it hit me.

I needed some kind of tray. Near the dishes and entertaining accessories, I found several, metal serving trays.

One of them had scratches on the surface which was perfectly okay with me. I had a plan and the surface didn’t matter. So when I brought the tray to the front I asked if the manager would give me a discount.

They said yes. So I went away happy and HomeGoods was one damaged product lighter.

My next stop was Dollar Tree. The Dollar Tree fairy garden houses were very popular and flew off the shelves, but the fairy garden accessories were still there.

I picked up a couple of packages of fairy signs and a pack of other cute fairy garden accessories. But the real problem was trying to figure out what I would line the bottom of the tray with. I looked for the moss I had seen Dollar Tree carry before with no luck.

Then I thought they might have the green glass marbles used for decorating—also without any luck. After looking around, I did find packages of small colored pebbles. I had a lightbulb moment and grabbed several.

HomeGoods metal tray and Dollar Tree fairy garden housescute kids doing a summer craft projectfairy garden houses and glass gems

Assembling Our Fairy Garden

I think, like most things in life, the anticipation of making our project was just as fun as doing it. The kids were so excited. I had everything set up and ready to go.

Like a good mommy, I made sure each child had an equal number of fairy garden houses, bags of pebbles, and fairy garden accessories.

They had a blast.

Easy DIY fairy garden project for kidsgirl pouring green Dollar Tree pebbleschildren putting together a fairy garden using fairy garden accessories

What You’ll Need to Make Your Own Fairy Garden

  • Large shallow tray
  • Fairy Garden Houses
  • Fairy Garden Accessories
  • Colored Pebbles
  • Glass Gems

Dollar Tree fairy garden accessories and fairy garden housesEasy fairy garden project on a circle metal tray with green pebble grass

Adding Onto Your Fairy Garden

Our Fairy Garden Houses are proudly displayed in our front flower bed. We have our own “environmental planning committee” and she has big plans. I hope to make another post in the near future, so if you make your own fairy garden houses we would love to know what you included in the comments.

fairy garden houses


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