How to Clean Pumpkin Seeds and Roast Them

There are about 1 billion pounds of pumpkins produced by the major pumpkin producing states in the U.S. And it’s a long-standing tradition to carve pumpkins in the United State. Take a “stab” at carving a pumpkin this year and eat those yummy seeds, but if you don’t know how to clean pumpkin seeds and […]

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Costco Allergen Free Foods for Soy Free Kids

Is your child one of the 0.4 percent of children allergic to soy? It’s a real learning curve if you’ve never experienced food allergies before. I hope this list of Costco allergen free food for soy free kids helps your family. How We Found out Our Son Was Soy Free Our son is our second […]

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A Healthy Breakfast for Kids That Is Easy

Did you know that children who skip breakfast are more likely to become obese, get diabetes, or heart disease when they are adults? It’s shocking all the statistics you can find that support eating a healthy breakfast for kids.  In fact, “Study after study shows that kids who eat breakfast function better. They do better […]

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