Christmas Snowman Present Tower Kids Activity

Christmas snowman present tower gifts for children to decorate

Approximately 70% of people report stress during the holidays due to time pressures. I don’t think I’m extravagant with gifts, but with three children I like to get an early start and the shipping boxes take over my closet. That’s why I decided to try out a Christmas Snowman Present Tower Kids Activity this year.

Finding the best deals is kind of a challenge I set for myself and spreading out the expense takes some of the financial burdens off at the holiday season. But this leaves me with my closet filling up before I even check out Black Friday deals.

So I came up with a way to wrap some presents and have them out of my closet before the tree is even up. I’m all about making things easy to get the house ready for the holidays. Read on to know how Christmas Snowman Present Tower Kids Activity can get you ahead this holiday while entertaining the kids.

Kids Christmas activity snowman present gift towers made from boxes and tissue paper

What You Need to Make a Snowman Present Tower

I’m not sure where the idea of the Christmas Snowman Present Tower originated from, but I’ve seen it on Pinterest a couple of times. Some people purchase specific items for each section of the body.

I think it was intended to limit Christmas gift-giving expenses, but let’s be honest someone could put a Nintendo Switch in one of the three sections or a stuffed animal instead. I think gift-giving and budgeting is a very personal thing. You shouldn’t feel obligated, restricted, or guilty in any way.

So, with that being said I didn’t place any particular items in the boxes. I simply chose three of the gifts I had previously purchased for each child. But I suppose they were purposefully not their “big” gifts.

Christmas snowman present tower gifts for children to decorate

Christmas Snowman Present Tower Kids Activity

I wasn’t looking to spend any more money on this Christmas Snowman Present Tower Kids Activity idea. Boxes from Target and Amazon were reused as the packages for the snowman body.

I didn’t have any mostly white wrapping paper, so I used the white tissue I had on hand. It takes a few sheets to make sure you can’t see the print of the cardboard box.

The hats were sent as winter gifts from my mother.

And I had all of the art supplies on hand.

Kids decorating Christmas Snowman for a fun vacation activity that keeps them busy for a long time

Making a Christmas Snowman Present Tower Kids Activity

The children used scissors, glue, construction paper,  and foam stickers to decorate their Christmas Snowman Present Tower.

It turned out to be a great activity. The kids were busy for quite some time. I was able to bathe the baby, get her to bed, and make a late dinner and the kids were still having fun.

In the end, I had to tell them to stop so we could eat. Keep in mind my two oldest are 6 and 3, so that’s really saying something to have them engaged for so long.

I happened to have all of the decorating items, but I think you could find most of the supplies you would need at the dollar store.

Snowman Gift tower for kids fun Christmas activity

The Wrap Up

I’m thrilled to have these gifts out of my closet and the children a genuinely none the wiser. They think the snowmen are decorations and a fun thing mom came up with for them to do. Now, I can focus a little more on having a relaxing holiday season.

I suppose this won’t work again for next year—at least without them knowing. But for this year I’m calling this a mommy win.

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Decorated Snowman Face from kids art activity for Christmas
Christmas Snowman Present Tower Activity for Kids
Snowman present tower activity for kids is a great mom hack to keep your young children entertained over break.



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