7 Surprising Disney Baby Care Center Tips You Must Know


Are you and baby going to be among the estimated 48 million Disney World guests this year? During all the times I have been to Walt Disney World Florida, rarely have I not forgotten something. Thankfully, I was able to find most of the items I needed at the Disney Baby Care Center.

Disney World wants you to be happy and they certainly want you to stay in the park, so they provide Disney Baby Care Centers and First Aid Centers for you to get or purchase those forgotten but much-needed items. In fact, pretty much the only thing you can’t get at Walt Disney World is chewing gum.

Yes, really.

They don’t want you chewing gum and sticking it under tables or even worse dropping it on the ground to become a hot Florida goo trap. And I’ve totally stepped in someone’s gum at Disney before—not fun.

While you are prepping to take your Disney baby to the happiest place on Earth read on for my 7 Surprising Disney Baby Care Center Tips Every Parent Should Know.

Walt Disney World Baby Care Center entrance at Magic Kingdom

1) Disney Baby Care Center Essentials

The Disney Baby Care Center is one of the best-kept “secrets” in Disney World. There are several places on Disney property where you can find odd items such as sippy cups or sunscreen, but none are as helpful as the Disney Baby Care Center. If you have small children and think you have misplaced, forgotten, or need anything baby related this is the best place to stop.

You can find diapers, onesies, toddler and baby food, formula, medicine, and more. It’s amazing what is available and at a fair price.

During my last visit, I took my littlest daughter for her first birthday and sure enough baby brain was in full effect. Despite all of my preparations the night before I forgot a bag of baby items, baby tossed her bottle, and I totally forgot it in the car. So there I was with a hungry, fussy baby, no bottle, and no backup.

My dear friend that was with me purchased a sippy cup for my daughter as a special gift. I thought it would be great. My daughter was at the age to transition to a sippy anyway.

Well, like many babies when they are tired she liked the idea of a sippy but she wanted the comfort of a bottle.

So, off to the Disney Baby Care Center we went. I was concerned that a baby bottle at Disney World would be expensive. To my surprise, it was about $2.49 I believe.

Walt Disney World knows they can charge a premium for souvenirs, but when it comes to necessities like feeding your baby they want it to be accessible for everyone.

Don’t be afraid that they will price gouge you. Take your precious Disney baby to the Care Center and get what you need. It will make your visit much more pleasant.

Disney Baby Care Center essential itemsDisney World Baby Care Center items available

2) Speaking of Diapers

When my oldest daughter was a little peanut we had the worst time with diaper blowouts. In the end, we discovered that she was allergic to several foods and her body’s reaction was loose stool.

During one of our earlier visits with her we ran through all of the diapers we had—and a couple of outfits. So there we were with a super pooper baby and no diapers. Ugh.

One of my friends, a long time Disney fan, had told me about the Disney Baby Care Center so off we went. That first time in the Disney Baby Room someone had left behind the rest of a purchased package of diapers, so we lucked out and got a couple for free.


But here is the catch. Disney World does not carry every size diaper and at the time I think she was still in a 1 (my children are super small). I think all they carried was a size 3 when we were there. It was crazy huge, but in a pinch, you can make it work.

The good news is if you need a diaper you can find one. Huggies brand. But keep in mind that they will usually only have sizes 3 and 4 diapers with Pull-Ups in 2T-3T and 4T-5T.

Disney Baby Care Center diapers and other Disney baby onesies

3) Take a Rest

If your Disney baby is hot, cranky, and not having a good time no matter what you do, take an air-conditioned break. The Disney Baby Care Center is the perfect place to take a rest for the whole family. The attendant is more than accommodating, you can purchase snacks for your little one if needed, and there is even a TV with a Disney show for entertainment for older children.

There is even a child size table and chairs for a little one to eat at or draw.

Sit for a while and get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy summer season. You will be so glad you did. After some cool air, water, and a little snack your little ones will be like new.

Disney Baby Room toddler chair and table at the Magic Kingdom WDW Florida

4) Have a Feeding

If you are trying to save on food and pack your own, the Disney Baby Care Center is the perfect place to have your toddler or baby eat. Disney provides highchairs in the Disney Baby Room. This is the area with the TV, so you can feed your Disney baby while another child sits entertained.

And once again this is the perfect place to cool down and rest. You can purchase a variety of toddler and baby foods in the Disney Baby Room including microwavable macaroni and cheese, GoGo Squeeze Apple sauce, Gerber Puffs, Gerber Stage 2 Chicken and Rice, and a variety of Gerber Organic baby food pouches.

Honestly, I’m probably missing items off the list so totally check it out for yourself.

Disney Baby Room Highchairs

5) Nursing in Private

If you believe in public nursing then more power to you, but if you are in Walt Disney World Florida in the dead heat of the summer then give yourself and your Disney baby a break. The Disney Baby Care Center is air-conditioned, but even better it has a private room dedicated for mother’s to breastfeed. The Disney Baby Room is small but seats I believe half a dozen full-sized rocking recliners.

The lights are dim and if you are interested in true privacy you can rotate your chair to face the wall—the corner chair would be best for privacy. There is a sign on the door for other Disney guests to knock before entering.

The Disney Baby Room for nursing is definitely the most peaceful place in all of the park. Take advantage of the cool, quiet moment to nurse your little one to sleep.

Disney Baby Room for nursing with rocking reclinersQuiet Nursing Room at Magic Kingdom Disney World Florida

6) Warm Your Bottle

If you are bottle-feeding your baby the Disney Baby Care Center has you covered for that too. You can find Similac, Gerber Good Start Gentle Formula, and Pedialyte if needed. But no matter if you are using formula or breast milk in your bottle you can stop in the Baby Center to warm your bottle in an Avent bottle warmer. It’s right next to the complimentary paper bowls and disposable spoons.

Seriously, Disney has thought of every need you might have and are ready to make your Disney baby happy and your stay at WDW more magical.

7) Change Your Disney Baby in Style

Last but not least is the baby changing area. Despite their best effort, I have had more than one less than pleasant experience trying to change my baby in a Disney bathroom.

The restrooms at Disney can be extremely busy, and you may find yourself waiting for the changing table. And depending on which bathroom you are in it could be humid or smelly.

Why in the world wouldn’t you want to change your precious bundle of joy on a very clean, plush, oversized changing table?

I realize you can be busy in some far off corner of the park, but the Disney Baby Care Center in Magic Kingdom is fairly centrally located at the end of Main Street USA and a bit inward toward Adventureland.

There are about a half a dozen changing tables and I’ve never seen them all filled while I’ve been there, so NO WAITING. The room smells fresh and the entire changing table is padded. And did I say it is clean?

That’s a big deal when you compare it to the general hard plastic changing table in the gang bathrooms that a hundred people have used before your baby. If you have any germ phobia then this is the way to go.

And to top it off there is a restroom attached where you and your toddler can relieve yourself too.

Disney Baby Care Center padded baby changing tableBaby Changing area in the Disney Baby Room at Walt Disney World Florida


I simply can’t say enough nice things about the Disney Baby Care Center. It’s totally worth seeking out. And I certainly hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation to Walt Disney World Florida, especially if you are bringing your Disney baby.

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